This is my first fanmade album. It is called "Circus". Here are the songs:  

Song List 

  1. Circus

    The Fanamde Album Cover For Circus made by Awesmatasticaly-Cool on DeviantART

  2. Voodoo Resurrection 
  3. Fond Heart
  4. 나랑 같이가요 (Come With Me)
  5. Broken Show
  6. 일반적인 사랑 (Typical Love)
  7. Desire Me
  8. Motorcycle (Korean Version)
  9. 새로운 단계 (New Step)
  10. 7 A.M.


Circus a.k.a 서커스 (Circus) is their comeback song, it is about the girls' going to the circus, they all see a handsome ringleader, and they tell him that they want to own the circus. It has a Circus concept ( of course) with a dance-club pop beat, and will have raps sung by Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Yuri.

Voodoo Resurrection

Voodoo Resurrection is the second song on the album, it will have a sexy club beat and will feature a performance on Music Bank and Music Core, it is about the girls trying to use voodoo magic to resurrect a boy who dies of love ( thought it would be wierd for him to die of love). 

Fond Heart

Fond Heart is the third song on the album. It is about the girls having a fond heart on a boy, who loves all of them but needs to choose one, it has a love r&b beat.

Come With Me 

Come With Me a.k.a 나랑 같이가요 (Come With Me), is the fourth song on the album it is a ballad, the song is basically about the girls telling the SONES to go with them on a journey through time, it will have a montage of all the members, including, Jessica.

Broken Show

Broken Show is the fifth song on the album, it is Ke$ha-pop type of song, it is about their show being broken and they want to try and fix it. 

Typical Love 

Typical Love a.k.a 일반적인 사랑 (Typical Love), is the sixth song on the album, a r&b love song about the girls love being really typical.

Desire Me

Desire Me is the seventh song on the album, a club song about them being desired for love and wants to break free from it, it will feature a dance break, on the live performances.


Motorcycle is the eighth song on the album, it was featured on their 3rd Japanese album "Love and Peace", now it will be turned fom Japanese to Korean.

New Step

New Step a.k.a 새로운 단계 (New Step), is the ninth song on the album, it is about them taking a new step towards the end of their career and turning a new leaf. It is the second ballad on the album.

7 A.M.

7 A.M. is the tenth and final song on the album, it was originally sung by Ke$ha, but now it is Girls' Generation's song, it is a dance-pop song.

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