Trevor Anthony Maggiore

  • I live in United States of America
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Boy
  • Trevor Anthony Maggiore

    Hey Everyone, I'm back, so I created this fanmade single album for SNSD. It's called '"Gossip Girls". It has 2 songs. Here are the songs.

    1. Gossip Girls (Korean Version)
    2. Showtime

    Gossip Girls is the first song on the single album. It was originally on the Love & Peace album as a Japanese song, now it will introduced as a Korean version

    Showtime is the second and last song on the single album. It is a Pussycat Dolls /  Kesha type beat. It has bells, drums, electric guitars, and has an Egyptian vibe to it.

    Note: This is fanmade, so these songs aren't actually real, and will not be part of my upcoming fanmade album that will be coming soon.

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  • Trevor Anthony Maggiore

    Hi Guys, I'm Back, I created this fanmade mini album for SNSD. Its called "Wild Love". It has 6 songs. Here are the songs.

    1. Wild Love
    2. Last Call
    3. Butterflies
    4. Girls Out
    5. Touch
    6. Beautiful

    Wild Love is the 1st and comeback song of the mini-album. It is a fun-Lady Gaga-upbeat type of song.

    Last Call is the 2nd song on the mini-album. It is a Kesha-type of song.

    Butterflies is the 3rd song on the mini-album. It is a Katy Perry-type of song.

    Girls Out is the 4th song on the mini-album. It is a r&b-Ariana Grande-type of song.

    Touch is the 5th song on the mini-album.  It is a Katy Perry-type of song.

    Beautiful is the 6th and final song on the mini-album. It is a soulful-Ariana Grande-type of song 

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  • Trevor Anthony Maggiore

    This is my first fanmade album. It is called "Circus". Here are the songs:  

    1. Circus
    2. Voodoo Resurrection 
    3. Fond Heart
    4. 나랑 같이가요 (Come With Me)
    5. Broken Show
    6. 일반적인 사랑 (Typical Love)
    7. Desire Me
    8. Motorcycle (Korean Version)
    9. 새로운 단계 (New Step)
    10. 7 A.M.

    Circus a.k.a 서커스 (Circus) is their comeback song, it is about the girls' going to the circus, they all see a handsome ringleader, and they tell him that they want to own the circus. It has a Circus concept ( of course) with a dance-club pop beat, and will have raps sung by Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Yuri.

    Voodoo Resurrection is the second song on the album, it will have a sexy club beat and will feature a performance on Music Bank and Music Core, it is about the girls trying to use voodoo magic to resurrect…

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