I create this fanmade mini album for SNSD. It's called "Lonely Heart". It has 5 tracks. Here are the songs.

Song Track

  1. Lonely Heart
  2. Olympius
  3. Mindless
  4. A Distance Far Away
  5. Heartbeat

Lonely Heart

Lonely Heart is their 1st track of their album. Its very light and smooth. This song is about they have a hear that feel so lonely and sad.


Olympius is their comeback song and the 2nd track of their album. This song has 5 genre mixed together. Hip-Hop, Electro, Darkish, Urban, and Hardcore. This song is about the Olympics and the God of the Olympics. This song will be in my fanfic coming soon.


Mindless is their 3rd track of their album. This song is very darkish and upbeat.

A Distance Far Away

A Distance Far Away is a ballad song and their 4th track of their album.


Heartbeat is their 5 track of their album. It's a upbeat, electro, and club party song.

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