I create this fanmade album for SNSD in 2014. It's called "Quincenera". This album has 2 discs. So here are the songs.


  1. Quinecerena
  2. See the New World
  3. 밝은 그림자 (Bright Shadow)
  4. Reach
  5. I'll Never Forgive You
  6. 내 마음에 눈물 (Tears In My Heart)
  7. 911
  8. Sweet Candy
  9. Liven It
  10. 피는 로즈 (Blooming Rose)


  1. My Losing Heart (Taeyeon)
  2. Don't Cry (Jessica)
  3. 예쁜 애인 (Pretty Lover) (Sunny)
  4. Far Away (Tiffany)
  5. I'll Get Down on You (Hyoyeon)
  6. 가져다 (Bring It) (Yuri)
  7. 다크 비밀 (Dark Secret) (Sooyoung)
  8. We Always Be Together (Yoona)
  9. My Sunshine of my Life (Seohyun)
  10. That Boy Is Mine ft. Key


Quinecerena is a comeback song for SNSD Disc 1. This song has a combination of all-latin genres, opera, 80's and 90's beats, and modern R&B. Quinecerena is about a girl is wearing a quinecerena and people are describing her and her quinecerena, but 9 other girls, which is SNSD, are jealous her.

See The New World

See the New World is the 2nd track on SNSD Disc 1. This song is about seeing the new world that they never saw before in life.

밝은 그림자 (Bright Shadow)

밝은 그림자 (Bright Shadow) is the 3rd track on SNSD Disc 1. It has a darkish, electro, and urban sounds. This song is about they're living in the shadows and feel their energy with darkness.


Reach is the 4th track on SNSD Disc 1. This song is about reaching your goal to the top.

I'll Never Forget You

I'll Never Forget You is the 4th track on SNSD Disc 1. It's a ballad with a sexy and smooth beat like TVXQ's Before U Go. This song is about their boyfriends are secretly cheating on them.

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