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  • Kyledude788

    Girls' Generation Worldwide Domination is my 1st fan-fiction story. It will have comedy and drama. So, enjoy.

    Girls' Generation has comeback with their song "Olympius" in Korean Verison. It was written by BoA, and B.A.P. members, Zelo and Daehyun. It was released on June,12. When SMTown upload the "The Great Escape" MV in Youtube, it went completly popular and viral around the world. An american pop-star, Usher, watch the MV and he like it. So, he went to South Korea to meet them and tell them that he can help to make their full US album. SNSD finally agree. So, when SNSD released their US album, they began to make their worldwide domination.

    (Help me to add some details if you want)

    Taeyeon - She is 24 years old. She is the leader of the grou…

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  • Kyledude788

    I create this fanmade mini album for SNSD. It's called "Lonely Heart". It has 5 tracks. Here are the songs.

    1. Lonely Heart
    2. Olympius
    3. Mindless
    4. A Distance Far Away
    5. Heartbeat

    Lonely Heart is their 1st track of their album. Its very light and smooth. This song is about they have a hear that feel so lonely and sad.

    Olympius is their comeback song and the 2nd track of their album. This song has 5 genre mixed together. Hip-Hop, Electro, Darkish, Urban, and Hardcore. This song is about the Olympics and the God of the Olympics. This song will be in my fanfic coming soon.

    Mindless is their 3rd track of their album. This song is very darkish and upbeat.

    A Distance Far Away is a ballad song and their 4th track of their album.

    Heartbeat is their 5 track of their al…

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  • Kyledude788

    Fanmade SNSD 2014 Album

    February 3, 2013 by Kyledude788

    I create this fanmade album for SNSD in 2014. It's called "Quincenera". This album has 2 discs. So here are the songs.

    1. Quinecerena
    2. See the New World
    3. 밝은 그림자 (Bright Shadow)
    4. Reach
    5. I'll Never Forgive You
    6. 내 마음에 눈물 (Tears In My Heart)
    7. 911
    8. Sweet Candy
    9. Liven It
    10. 피는 로즈 (Blooming Rose)

    1. My Losing Heart (Taeyeon)
    2. Don't Cry (Jessica)
    3. 예쁜 애인 (Pretty Lover) (Sunny)
    4. Far Away (Tiffany)
    5. I'll Get Down on You (Hyoyeon)
    6. 가져다 (Bring It) (Yuri)
    7. 다크 비밀 (Dark Secret) (Sooyoung)
    8. We Always Be Together (Yoona)
    9. My Sunshine of my Life (Seohyun)
    10. That Boy Is Mine ft. Key

    Quinecerena is a comeback song for SNSD Disc 1. This song has a combination of all-latin genres, opera, 80's and 90's beats, and modern R&B. Quinecerena is about a girl is wearing a quinecerena and people are describing her and…

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