• Fluffybear


    April 26, 2012 by Fluffybear

    Our manager, Thomas told us to have a vacation. While he and his wife will have theor honeymoon. All of us were happy that we will actually get some rest. But I realized what will I do at my vacation? After Thomas dismissed us. We all had to think of what to do. "윽 Why don't we just go to a spa and relax?" TaeYeon suggested. "안돼! We should be with our family." YoonA objected. "Hey! What about we go to my old house in the mountains? It is relaxing and a SPA is right beside it!" Hyoyeon suggested. "I guess that would work" I shrugged. "You 소녀 agree too?" Hyoyeon asked. "Okay sure!" the rest said. When we traveled to Hyoyeon's place it looked kinda creepy. It was black. Dusty full of cobwebs and the window closes and opens no matter there isn…

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