Well Hello everybody ^^ Let me introduce my self,my name is Donni i'm 25 years old,i don't have any brother or sister it's just me.hmm...what else ?? let me think..hmm i think that's all.

I'm Newcommer in this Community,it's nice to join with this Site because i really Love Shu Nyuh Shi Dae ( SNSD ) Girl's Generation.

I love the Culture of South Korea too,The Food,The People,Places.

i love Ddeokbboki,Jajangmyun,Kimbab,Bulgogi,Kimci...hehe <3

i know some korean culture because i have seen the Variety Program Running Man,its Great TV Program,

I love to watch the Korean Dramas.

Well i hope we can make a good relationship from this Site,honestly i want to make a many Friends from this Site,because we have the same thing..( we Love SNSD ) hehehe

알아서 나 미래에 하시기 바랍니다... 정말 고마워요 It's Nice to Meet you Guys..( 만나서 반가워요 )

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