Twinkle is TaeTiSeo's debut mini-album. The title track was used as the lead track.


On April 19, SM Entertainment officially announced the creation of TaeTiSeo. They said in a statement, "This subunit will aim to grab the attention of fans with all aspects of music, performance, and fashion styles". The release of Twinkle was also confirmed in the same press release, scheduled for a May 2, 2012, release.

The group released their title track through iTunes for the global market, and included a special photo booklet that was different from its offline release.

Sales and Charts

Twinkle peaked at number four on the US iTunes Album Charts, where it now holds the record for the highest peaking K-pop album on the chart. It reached number one on the Japanese iTunes Album Charts and number one on the Bulgarian iTunes Album Charts, whilst being in the top 10 on various other countries' charts.

Twinkle reached #126 on the Billboard 200 Chart, where it also holds the record for the highest peaking K-pop album on the chart. The album also reached #1 on the Billboard World Albums and #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums.

Track listing


No. Title Length
1. "Twinkle"   3:28
2. "Baby Steps"   3:56
3. "OMG"   3:25
4. "Library"   4:03
5. "Good-bye, Hello"   3:52
6. "Love Sick"   3:26
7. "Checkmate"   3:27


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