The Manual of Style outlines the formatting for articles on SoNyuhShiDae Wiki.



Bold text ('''bolded''') is used in its first usage at the introduction of the article, and well as its alternate names.


  • Stephanie Young Hwang, (born August 1, 1989) also known by her Korean name, Hwang Mi-young and more commonly known as Tiffany, is an American singer and actress.


Italic text (''italicized'') is used when referring to the titles of any published media.



"Quoted" text is used when referring to quotes, the title of songs & singles, TV episodes, articles, or to emphasize specific words. This guideline does not apply to the titles of albums, however.



When naming an individual, it should be the one they are referred to in public and widely known by, also known as "stage names". For example, use Yoona instead of her birth name Im Yoona. For birth names inside the artist's infoboxes, it should spelled out beginning with their surname name followed by their given name (separated by a hyphen) (eg. Kim Tae-yeon).


  • Taeyeon, instead of her full name Kim Tae-yeon.

Dates and numbersEdit

Dates are preferred to be expressed as Month-Day-Year (eg. January 1, 2018).

For measurements, numbers should be under the imperial system instead of the metric system.

Numbers can either be numeric or spelled out though spelled is preferred.



The English language varies depending on the country or region, but American English is the preferred language used on the Wiki for all content.


Headings and article titles use sentence case when it comes to capitalizing words. This means the first letter is uppercase and subsequent letters lowercase with exceptions such as proper nouns or acronyms.


Sentences should be in past tense unless it refers to an upcoming release or event.


Linking ([[link]] or [[page link|link text]])) should be used the first instance a term is referred to on the page. To link to a specific section on another page, the link should appear as [[page link#section name|link text]].

A red link shows up if an article does not exist yet. A list of red links can be found on Special:WantedPages.

External links (outside of Wikis) can be linked by putting [] around the term.


Categories are used to help organize the wiki and assist users in navigating it. All categories should be sentence case instead of title case so that it is grammatically correct and organized.

Categorization on pagesEdit

When categorizing pages, it is best to list the categories in order. Such as on a song page, you would put the category Songs first, followed by the language the song is in (eg. Category:Korean songs, Category:Japanese songs, and so on), then followed by the year it was released, and lastly the album it came from. On Category:Singles, it is preferred to add the category for the singer of the song (eg. Category:Tiffany). The same applies to albums. Categories for image galleries, TV shows, and etc vary case by case, but should usually follow the same formatting system.

Additional help Edit

Need more assistance? Contact a local staff member and they will be able to assist users with almost any on-wiki issue.