Girls' Generation is the debut album from Girls' Generation. It was released on November 1, 2007 in Korea.


A repackage album titled Baby Baby, was released four months later and was promoted from March to April 2008. The album was released in two versions, each edition features the same contents, however the cover art used for one of them was used as back cover for the other one, and the other way around. A MV for "Baby Baby" was released as well, containing scenes of the Making of video of the Girls' Generation MV, and footage of the girls working on their first album.

Sales and Charts

The album came in #2 in its first weekly rank, and sold 49,438 copies, and #3 on it monthly rank, selling 126,269 copies. According to the Korean sales chart Gaon, the album sold 160,000 copies as of 2010. The albums repackaged release, Baby Baby also sold 108,000 copies as of 2010. The album collectively sold 268,000 copies.

Track list

Girls' Generation

No. Title Length
1. "Girls' Generation"   03:50
2. "Ooh La-La!"   03:54
3. "Baby Baby"   03:11
4. "Complete"   03:56
5. "Kissing You"   03:19
6. "Merry-Go-Round"   03:14
7. "Tears"   03:53
8. "Tinkerbell"   02:56
9. "7989"   03:30
10. "Honey"   03:15
11. "Into the New World"   04:25

Baby Baby

No. Title Length
1. "Kissing You (Skool Rock Remix)"   04:25
2. "Let’s Go Girls' Generation (long)"   09:48
3. "Let’s Go Girls' Generation (short)"   06:18

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