"Gee" is Girls' Generation's second Japanese single. It was released in three editions, two CD+DVD editions (first press and regular), and a CD Only edition. As their debut Japanese single, it includes three versions of one of their Korean hit song, "Gee." The Korean version was originally included on their first Korean mini-album of the same name, Gee, which was released on January 7, 2009.

Music Video

The Korean music video for the song was the most viewed video of 2009, in the most used streaming video site in Korea, GomTV. It has been viewed 9,889,057 times (as of February 2010). There were two different music videos produced for the Korean version of the song, one that featured the girls in a colorful environment, and another that has them dressed in shorts.

Track listing

Girls' Generation (2011 album)
20110515 snsdjapanesealbum 01
  1. "Let It Rain"
  2. "Gee"
  3. "The Great Escape
  4. "Hoot


Video Gallery

Girls` Generation(소녀시대) Gee MusicVideo-003:55

Girls` Generation(소녀시대) Gee MusicVideo-0

Official Music Video.

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