"Dear Santa" is a song recorded by the sub-unit TaeTiSeo. It is the sub-unit's lead single from their first winter-themed and third mini-album which shares the same name. Two versions of the song were released simultaneously: a Korean version and an English version on December 4, 2015, with the former as the first track in the album and the latter version as the sixth and final track.

Music videoEdit

The girls are around a piano as Seohyun is seen playing it. They later open an invitation card given from a young boy and get transported into different worlds, the pace of the song now faster. They have fun together, showing various ways of celebrating the Christmas mood, such as Tiffany in the streets window-shopping, Taeyeon opening gifts and Seohyun decorating a cake. The lion, first seen in the music video of Lion Heart, also makes an appearance here, dressed up as Santa. The clock strucks 12 and the girls are returned to the piano room. They remember the invitation card they had dropped. The video ends as they laugh in realisation, everything earlier possibly only just imaginations.


Korean versionEdit

English versionEdit


  • Tiffany's dog, Prince, makes an appearance in her solo scene in this music video.


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